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"The Burial Of Obi Cubana's Mother Does Not Reflect The Igbo Culture I Grew Up In"- Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu has talked about the Burial of Obi Cubana's mother in an article published by Premium Times. For those that may not know Onyeka Onwenu, she is a singer, song writer, actress, author, politician and public administrator. She is also a social critic.

Onyeka in her article said that the burial of Obi Cubana's mother did not reflect the Igbo culture she that she grew up in. She said Ndigbo does not accept the excessive display of wealth, and if anybody is found doing that, close and extended family members and even the community would send a delegation to ask about the source of the individuals wealth, and if the person does not have a convincing evidence of a legitimate work such person Will be banished or excluded. Onyeka said everything changed because of the Biafra conflict which made people become answerable to themselves.

Onyeka Onwenu said her mother wanted a burial that was different and she promised her that she will give her what she wants. She said her mother's burial was nothing like Obi Cubana's mother's burial, but it was an elaborate and expensive one. Onyeka said she is not Condemning anybody on how they mourn their loved ones, but she is very uncomfortable with the lavish display of wealth on any occasion, especially in a period of lack and hardship. Onyeka said the burial of Obi Cubana's mother was lavish, Obscene and insensitive, she said it sent the wrong signal in a period when Nigeria is in a state of poverty and lack.

Onyeka said she told a friend of hers few days to Cubana's mother's burial that she has given instructions to her family on how to bury her when she dies. She said she told them to bury her quickly, quiet and privately, and after that they should celebrate her with prayers, lunch or dinner, share jokes about her and laugh it out. She said they can mourn her but it should not be in excess. She said if her friends want to celebrate her they should do it while she is still alive to enjoy it with them.

Onyeka Onwenu made it clear in the article that she is not Condemning anybody, but she does not support lavish display of wealth on any occasion. She also said that one thing she found shameful is the intense effort to tag south easterners with negative attributes because Obi Cubana is Igbo, she then advised Nigerians that take delight in hating Igbo people to stop wasting their time.

Credits : Premium Times

Content created and supplied by: AdeAdek (via Opera News )

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