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Chronicles And Origin of The Ibesikpo People Of Akwa-Ibom.

The first name is Obio-Asikpo, until European and British authorities, who couldn't articulate it the locals way called, it Ibesikpo. Ibesikpo are among the seaborne Ibibios . In ancient history Ibesikpo and Asutan are traced to the heritage of Asikpo Nnakanda from Usakedet in Southern Cameroon. This man sired two children in particular, Uruan and Ibesikpo. Over the span of migrations, there was struggle among Uruan and Ibesikpo.

Ibesikpo being a rancher and tracker, couldn't bear the problems any more and chose to pull out, leaving behind Uruan his sibling. Ibesikpo left with his other brother who later founded the tribe known as Asutan Ekpe tribe. 

Ibesikpo had numerous children however, just six stayed alive. Their names were: Okukuk, Oku, mbierebe, mbikpong, Ikpene and Afaha. They currently shaped the current gathering of towns in Ibesikpo Clan. Each gathering, had it’s own god and there was no focal god among individuals of Ibesikpo. The experience of this family were shining with savage and chivalrous battles, set apart by splendid accomplishments. They anyway met with stunt resistance, wars and infections among individuals of Ibibio groups whose land they attacked. Ibesikpo previously showed up from the coast to Esuk Odu (the principal local area the Uruan public showed up at as well), from there, they moved to Idu Uruan. Ibesikpo was constrained through living to move westwards looking for rich terrains for cultivating and remote quiets, woodlands for hunting. 

Truly , while the relatives of Ibesikpo spread Northwards towards Uyo and Offot areas, the descendants of Asutan spread Southwards towards the Nsit area. Individuals of Ibesikpo and Uruan in precolonial times, held genealogical ties and gatherings at Idu Uruan and Esok Odu as a family. It ought to be noted that within the Pre-colonial era, probably until 1930, there was no outline or close knit contrast between these two siblings.

They always kept up with their heartfelt relationship, until the coming of European expansionism in Nigeria and the resulting presentation of warrant boss framework in Nigeria. 

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