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History: How The War Between Israel And Palestine began.

Over a millennium ago, the Arabians invaded Israel, slaughtered Christians and forcefully took the holy cities in Israel especially Jerusalem. The Christians were silent, they were oppressed. In the 11th century, Pope Urban II thought it will be right to restore the holy lands back to the Christians and Jews so he created the crusades army to take back the holy lands of Israel and restore it to the rightful owners(Christians and Jews). In the process, the first holy war between Muslims and Christians began, it is known as the holy war. Many Muslims and Christian soldiers fought. The Muslims fought to stay and the Christians fought to reclaim their lands.

The Pope and the Catholic Church were able to claim some parts. This is the major reason Israel and Palestine are fighting. Palestinians want a land that isn't theirs, they have been defeated by Israel several times, even currently, Israel are still defeating them. World powers have now called for harmony between the two nations.

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