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2 great kingdoms in pre-colonial Nigeria that stood against British colonialization

1) Arochukwu Confederacy: this Confederacy is undoubtedly the most powerful Kingdom that was built by the Igbo people of Nigeria, it lasted for more than five centuries. During the British conquest of Nigeria, the Arochukwu Confederacy stood against them and even engaged them in blood battle until they were finally defeated in a war which lasted from 1901 to 1902. The war was known as the Anglo - Aro war and this war eventually led to the collapse of the Arochukwu Confederacy.

2) Benin Kingdom: this kingdom was among one of the greatest and flourishing kingdoms in the history of Africa but collapsed after several years of economic hardship and the invasion of the British soldiers. After a blood battle was fought between the kingdom of Benin and the British empire, the kingdom later fell in 1897.

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