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Read the story about the man that carries his artificial heart in a bag, it may motivate you

Some days we look for motivations, and other days motivation looks for us, there are so many people that have been in certain peculiar situations that makes them to feel as if they have been cursed or cheated by nature. sometimes we keep complaining about the little things in our lives, but meet Andrew Jones, the man who goes everywhere with his artificial heart in a bag.

While most people will simply give up immediately medical science pronounce that there may not be hope for their condition, Andrew Jones who is a fitness enthusiast basically brushed off any limitations that his health status might have on his dreams.

Andrew Jones was out on a run one fateful day when he began to gasp for breath, he started coughing up blood and before he could know what was going on, he passed out. Andrew woke up in the emergency room where doctors diagnosed his condition as Cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart finds it difficult to pump adequate blood to other parts of the body.

This condition meant that Andrew's heart needed to be replaced as soon as possible, if not it may lead to instant death. Despite all this, Andrew remained calm, Doctors were trying to figure out what to do, as there was a shortage of heart donors at that time.

Doctors had to device a pace maker, Andrew's heart was removed and replaced with an external blood pumping device, that he must carry around all the time in a bag.

All this setbacks did not get in the way of Andrew's passion as a fitness enthusiasts and coach, the fact that he had to carry his artificial heart around in a bag did not slow his morale at all. He kept on pushing and walking tall as if his medical condition had never happened.

There are many people out there with similar cases just like that of Andrew Jones, or even less, who feel that a Doctor's pronouncements signifies the end of their active life, but that is totally not true to some extent. If Andrew could go about doing what he loves, even with his artificial heart located outside his body, it means that you do not have any excuse for not chasing your dreams.

There is no limitation to what you can achieve, even the most strangest of medical conditions cannot pull you down from the ladder that leads upward towards your goal. There's a popular Nigerian Pidgin English saying that states that "Problem no Dey finish" no matter what you're going through today, there are other worst cases out there. Do not let your condition weaken your spirit, instead convert them to motivations.

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