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These Are The Three Things I Realise About Winning An Opera Writing Competition(Opinion)

Anybody can make up his/her mind to become a writer but it is not everybody that wants to become good at what they do. I have come across many writers complaining about not winning any of the Opera writing competitions they have participated in and that left me wondering if it is that difficult to meet the standard of the platform, Not until I won a recent writing challenge on Opera News hub myself.

And I realized that there is something these writers are not getting right, I made my observations and realised that keeping the rules of Opera News hub can make the chances of winning any Opera writing competition and generally becoming a successful writer.

First of all, as a human you must know that rules and regulations guides every organisation. Before you join an organisation find out about their rules and regulations, when you become conversant with the standard they expect from you it will be a guideline to successfully work with that organisation and achieve an aim. Even as an individual you have a standard that you set for yourself on how to live your life and that has become your daily guideline on everything you do.

Therefore Opera news hub isn't an exception when it comes to having rules. As a writer on Opera, pay attention to the rules and regulations and follow them strictly. On the recent Opera writing competition, Opera listed its rules as follows:

Article should comply with Opera News Hub publishing guidelines.

The content must be original and not previously published on any website.

All articles for the competition should include the tag.

And the articles must be at least 450 Words long including No plagiarism, No Bad grammar or spelling and pictures used in the article must be clear.

As a writer you can obviously see that when you don't adhere to these rules, you are automatically disqualified from winning because you are out of the guideline.

Again I realized that originality is the key to success on Opera News Hub. An original article will always be chosen over a plagiarized article.

Here is a proof:

Sometimes an article may not get an expected reach and click. As long as it is original and not plagiarised, your effort is likely not to be in vain. Here is the article that made me win the Opera News-Hub Anniversary writing Competition with less than ten clicks and less than a thousand reach.

Lastly As a writer you should be open minded enough to learn daily. This is not the first Opera writing competition I have participated in, the other one I didn't win. And this made me to realise that learning is a gradual process, you will not know or understand everything in one day. Some people will say "Follow Who Know Road". This doesn't mean you should be misled but it simply means you should ask questions when you don't understand, Seek guidelines when you are confused and take another measure when the one you're using isn't working for you.

Fortunately OperaNewsHubAcademy is available to guide you when you are confused, they answer every question on how to write good and acceptable article that won't be rejected, how to avoid click bait headlines etc.

You will not get the knowledge in a day, but with constant reading and application of the rules, one will become better. you can also read the experience of other writers who are doing well in Opera news-Hub, undoubtedly You will learn and be motivated as well.

Content created and supplied by: Ngblessed (via Opera News )

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