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Brief History of Henna And Different Designs You Can Beautify Your Body To Be More Attractive

The henna is a good plant for beauty decoration.

In this article we are looking at the brief history of henna and also showcasing the different designs of henna tattoo you can use to decorate your body during different occasions like Ramadan, Wedding etc.

For more than 5000 years henna has been practiced in Parkistan, India, Africa and Middle East. It is dated 9000 years old by some documentation. Due to the cooling property of henna, people of the desert have been using it to control their body temperature. They first pound the dried henna leaf and then soak their palm and sole of their feet inside the henna to cool their body. They get stains of henna after doing that, and as it fades away it leaves patterns on the surface of their skin. That is what brought the idea of making henna designs for beautification.

Today, many people across the globe have adopted the old tradition of beautifying their body with the natural artwork made from henna plant. It was widely used in USA in the 90's and since then it became a growing trend. Some celebrities like Liv Tyler, Xena, Madonna, Yasmine Bleeth etc. have proudly decorated their bodies using henna and exposed them in public, movies and videos. People started painting their hands and feet for wedding. Henna started trending all over the world and a temporary tattoo since it looks like tattoo.

 The Henna plantsmall-lawsonia-inermis-plant.png

Henna has lawsone in it which is reddish-orange dye that sticks to the keratin in our skin and stains the skin.

Check out the different designs of henna tattoos below.

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