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A Mermaid Sculpture and Other Fascinating Things Inside Late Victor Uwaifo's Museum

Even though Victor Uwaifo died at the age of 80 on August 28, 2021, his name will be carried down from generation to generation. Victor Uwaifo has been most known as a musician, but he also owns a museum named Revelation Tourist Palazzo

(Revelation Tourist Palazzo)

Revelation Tourist Palazzo, located on Victor Uwaifo Avenue, Ekenwan Road, Benin, is not your ordinary museum. It's a place steeped in myth, mythology, superstition, and magic all bundled into one.

With the death of Victor Uwaifo, johnniepen gives you some of the most amazing things in his museum.

1. Unique Guitars

Two guitars, a guitar/keyboard combination that can play self-accompanied melodies and a double-neck guitar, are among the most eye-catching items inside Victor Uwaifo's museum. He invented these guitars entirely on his own.

2. A Slave Market

Another intriguing feature of the Victor Uwaifo museum is the slave market. This area is made up of over 10 sculptures of men and women who are all chained together by the neck. Others tried to stand, while others sat in tears. There's also a sculpture of a white man, a slave master, posing as if he's about to whip one of them.

This area serves as a reminder of how people suffered during the slave trade era.

3. Anini

Another eye-catching feature of Victor Uwaifo's museum is the sculptures portraying the killing of Lawrence Anini, a dreaded criminal who terrorized Benin City in 1986 and was killed by a firing squad.

4. Hall Of Fame

The hall of fame is an area where Victor Uwaifo's paintings of notable Nigerians can be found. Some of the personalities shown in these paintings include Donald Duke, Adams Oshiomhole, Wole Soyinka, Nwankwo Kanu, and others.

5. Sculpture Of A Mermaid

When Victor Uwaifo was alive, he was famous for saying he saw a mermaid while relaxing and playing his guitar at the beach. Terrified, he took up his guitar and tried to run. But the mermaid cautioned him, "Guitar Boy, if you see Mamiwata, never run away." Continue playing your song.”

This incident is also portrayed in Victor Uwaifo's museum. As one approaches this area, there is the sound of water rushing, and at the corner is a pool with a mermaid sculpture holding a bowl containing coins and offering it to another male sculpture, presumably Victor Uwaifo. The male sculpture is clothed in red and is partially covered in water, playing guitar.

Some people still believe in Victor Uwaifo's story of seeing a mermaid, while others are skeptical. Do you think mermaids exist? Have you seen one?

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Content created and supplied by: Johnniepen (via Opera News )

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