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Six different ways To gain knowledge

There are different ways to gain knowledge. Some of them include;

1. Through books.

2. Training courses.

3. Blogs.

4. Podcasts.

5. Masterminds.

6. Experience.

They are have their advantages and disadvantages.

Books for example, require more credibility and research than a blog. Anyone can write a blog. It takes a lot more work and dedication to write a book.

Podcasts are more up-to-date than books because the environment is constantly changing.

Experience they say, is the best teacher. This is very true. When you experience something first hand, you will learn faster. However, you do not have to wait to experience something before you learn. You can learn from other people's experiences.

Training courses are great for a hands-on learning experience but they can be expensive.

It all comes down to your personal preference.

What is your favourite method of gaining knowledge?

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