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See The Historical Reason Why Egyptian Pharaohs Married Their Sisters And Daughters

History always has a thing or two to teach each and everyone of us; atimes they some accounts can be what the society would label as good traditions, but in most cases, the reverse is the case.

If you have been attending your Bible class during your childhood, you can bear witness to the fact that ancient Egypt is one of the most GREATEST empires in history; and according to some historical sources, it is where civilization started.

But there's something quite striking about the Egyptian royalties, ie the Pharaohs, and that was them getting married to their sisters and in most cases, their daughters.

But Why Do They Do Such A Thing?

According to most Egyptologists, they stated that a Pharaoh can marry his sister and his because he is widely seen as a god, like Iris and Osiris, and that bonding and getting married to Royal bloods such as his sister and daughter is the wisest thing for him to do.

For since he is a god, he is expected to Marry and procreate with women whom are of the same blood with him.

Credits: Wikipedia

Can you marry your sister or daughter for power? Let's see your comments in the comments section let's discuss more about it.

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