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Read What Garba Told A Man to Do After Saying The History of A Fulani Man, Musa is Not on Wikipedia

Adamu Garba narrated the story of A Fulani Man named, Mansa Musa on Twitter, he said Mansa Musa is a Fulani king of Tekrur and Emperor of Mali Kingdom, who was the richest man that ever lived and the largest Fulani Herdsman in West Africa.

A man has told Adamu Garba to go and rest that the history of Mansa Musa is not on the Popular website, Wikipedia.

Adamu Garba said Fulani has the strongest civilization in West Africa. He has been narrating the history of Fulani to educate Nigerian about the Fulanis tribe.

Read part of the Story of Mansa Musa he posted on Twitter in the screenshot below:

The man said the history of Mansa Musa that Adamu Garba narrated is not on Wikipedia. He Advised him to stop talking about the history of Mansa Musa that doesn't exist and start talking about his cow.

Adamu Garba has advised the Man to go and study his history further.

Read what he told the man to do in the screenshot below:

What's your opinion about the history of a Great Fulani Man, Mansa Musa that Adamu Garba narrated on Twitter?

Kindly check wikipedia if the history of Mansa Musa can't be found.

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