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3 Bible Verses You Should Read To Cancel Bad Dreams.

Dreams come in form of vision as a series of thoughts, images or sensations in a person's mind during sleep, and while there are good dreams that God himself sponsors, there are bad ones that originate from the devil. Bad dreams when not cancelled have the potential of causing so many negative things in the life of anyone who received it, and since it is the work of the devil, there are Bible verses that you should read to cancel it, and this is what I want to share in this article with you.

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Here are three Bible verses you should use to cancel bad dreams.

1. Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 23:18.

According to the Bible verses above, the thoughts that God thinks towards you are good and not of evil in other to give you an expected end, and since it is certain that there is an end, your expectation will not be cut off. Since a dream is a series of thoughts and God speak to man through dream and reveal his thoughts concerning you which are good and not evil to give you the end you are expecting, you should reject and cancel every negative or evil dream that communicates thoughts or images of things that are not good, and you should know that such is from the devil to cut off your expectation by making evil things happen to you. So you should read and declare the words of God in the Bible verse given and cancel any bad dream you may have had.

2. Isaiah 8:10.

According to the Bible verse given above, because God is with you, counsel taken against you will come to nought, and words spoken against you shall not stand. This means any words or counsel against you in your dreams shall come to nothing, and they will never stand or come to pass in your life because God is with you, and reading the Bible verse will help you to claim the word of God in it in other for you to cancel bad dreams.

3. Isaiah 54:17 and Psalm 91:10.

These Bible verses above reveal that no weapon formed against you shall hurt you or prosper in your life, and that every tongue that rises against you will be condemned by you, and also that no evil will befall you, and no plague or disease will come near the places you live. This means that any weapon or tongues rising to judge you in your dreams shall not prosper and will be condemned by you, and the evil and disease meant to manifest in your life against you shall not happen or come close to where you live. You should therefore read and declare the words in the Bible verses given and by it cancel every bad dream you may have. 

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