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How Opera Saved Me From Embarrassment And Made My New Year's Celebration Complete

I'm Esther Hilary, a 100 level medical student of Rivers State University. I started writing for Opera in the month of November, 2020, that was after the Covid 19 lockdown.

I started writing when I was in secondary school, I wrote mainly fictional stories. I wrote for free then because I didn't know that there was a way I could easily monetize my writing. I wrote during my leisure time, this made writing become my hobby.

During the Covid 19 lockdown, I invested in different online businesses but non of them ended well for me, I loosed a lot of money because of this and also fell into debt. While investing in those online businesses, my money wasn't enough, so I had to borrow from few of my friends, having in mind to pay them back immediately I start making profit. Unfortunately, I got no profit from the businesses.

My friends started demanding for the money after months of waiting and not hearing from me. They threatened to embarrass me and take the money forcefully, this made me to start avoiding them. This continued for sometime until I became frustrated and thought of what I could do to earn money and pay them off.

Fortunately for me, in the first week of November, 2020, I came across a post on Facebook. Written on the post was, "what can you teach someone for free", I quickly scrolled to the comment section of the post and I saw a comment which got my interest, the commenters said he could teach blogging for free.

I quickly messaged him, indicating my interest. He created a group for those of us who were interested, he taught us about blogging, at the end of the class, he introduced us to Opera and taught us how we could start writing for Opera. I was very much happy and I'm grateful to him till this day. Knowing fully well that writing is my hobby, I knew some of my problems had come to an end since I will be paid after writing and would be able to pay off my debt.

The next day, I registered to be an Opera writer and I was accepted the same day. I started writing and publishing articles. When it was time for payment, I was paid. I knew the amount won't be enough to settle my debts, so I promised in my heart to do better the next month.

In the month of December in 2020, a competition came up where we were asked to write on "love and prayer". I didn't want to participate in the competition because I knew that there were so many other writers who were better than I was and were more likely to win the competition. Nevertheless, I decided to participate in the competition since it wasn't going to take anything from me.

After submitting my article for the competition, I went ahead with my article writing. I prayed to win but I never thought that I would win. Few days to New year, the winners of the competition was announced, I didn't bother to check because I didn't think that I would be one of them.

Surprisingly, a friend of mine messaged me online, telling me that I've won $100 (one hundred dollars), I laughed and told him that I was really in need of money, so I don't joke with news of money now. I thought he was joking not until he sent me a screenshot of the announcement. I was dumbfounded and didn't even know when tears of joy rolled down my cheek. I was very happy because at last I would be able to pay off my debt.

That was how Opera saved me from embarrassment by helping me pay off my debt, become a debt-free person and made my New year's celebration complete. I remain grateful to Opera, the person who introduced me to Opera and most especially to God almighty.

My advice to those who just started writing for Opera is; you shouldn't give up, persevere and be efficient, with these you can earn big from Opera.

Content created and supplied by: Estherhilaryblog (via Opera News )

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