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Painful Story Of Man Who Was Killed After He Invented A Car Model That Uses Water Instead Of Fuel

As the world embraces new technology and ideas, we have seen famous and great people pay the ultimate price, some with their lives.

When a new invention or idea is developed, it is intended to make life easier and simpler. However, new inventions may pose a threat to existing inventions, which may not survive. We all know that the old must make way for the new, and that new inventions always result in the death of the old.

Mr. Stanley Meyer is one of the few inventors who has had to pay a high price for one of the most potent ideas that may have altered the entire world.

The invention has come to a standstill because the inventor is no longer alive. Stanley's innovation was one of the most astounding, and if he had lived today, he would have had a big impact on our world.

In the 1990s, Stanley devised an idea and developed a technique that would allow an automobile to run on water instead of gasoline. Fuel is one of the most valuable commodities in today's world, as we all know. Many lives would have been saved as a result of Stanley's invention, and the money spent on fuel would have been better spent on other vital things.

Increased oil costs have rendered this commodity unaffordable in some parts of the world, particularly for low-income earners. In 1975, Stanley's idea came at a time when the United States was experiencing a severe economic downturn.

The Saudi authorities has just cut off the oil supply. Oil costs had risen to the point where many car owners couldn't afford to buy gas, and the economy was in bad shape. This was the time when Stanley came up with the solution to the problem, which was fortunately successful.

Stanley had even created his own car, which was powered by water and was doing admirably. It was a brilliant invention that gave the world a lot of optimism, but he had no idea that not everyone would welcome it. The car used a simple scientific approach in which the cell split water molecules into hydrogen, which was then burned by the cell, resulting in the energy needed to operate the vehicle.

Stanley was faced with a lot of opposition from the start. He'd started touring the country to promote his concept. If the government backed and adopted the idea, it would signal the start of the global oil and fuel market collapse, hence everything had to be done to ensure the initiative was not implemented.

A hired assassin was sent to kill him when he was in a restaurant with his brother, and he died of food poisoning in March 1998. According to his sibling, his last words were "they poisoned me" and then he breathed his last breath.

It became clear that Stanley's innovation was the catalyst for his death, and his death is still a mystery many years later.

Many years later, it is still unclear what caused Stanley's death, and the fact that he was killed as a result of his innovation has yet to be confirmed. Do you believe that those opposed to his invention played a role in his death?

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