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Harold Williams, The Man Who Spoke More Than 58 Languages (Photos)

There are so many influential men who have gained worldwide recognition and fame and Harold Whitmore Williams is among these men. We will be discussing the man who can speak more than 58 languages.

Harold Whitmore Williams is a very prominent man who has been opportune to work as a professional journalist and foreign editor in the prestigious "The Times and polyglot" which is considered to have been one of the most accomplished polyglots in history

According to a reliable source, This great man was born on 6 April 1876 and could speak more than 58 languages such as, Czech, Basque, Mandarin Chinese, Albanian, Old Irish, Swedish, Japanese, Egyptian, Hittite, Turkish, and other dialects including English. Unfortunately, Harold Whitmore Williams died on November 18th, 1928.

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Harold Whitmore Williams had so much passion to learn so many languages when he was a school boy, and he constructed a grammar and vocabulary for the New Guinea language Dobu from a copy of St.Mark's Gospel written in that language. Harold Williams spend his pocket money purchasing New Testaments from a Christchurch bookseller in different languages, and he teach himself Latin such as Tongan, Spanish Italian and many others Polynesian languages

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