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Before You Call Yourself A Radical Feminist, Have You Seen What Chimamanda Said That Is Trending?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a woman whose personality has risen to the point that she needs no form of introduction. As a matter of fact, because of what she represents and equally stands for, her identity has become a household name. She is gracefully gifted with both creative and critical writing so much so that her works have now become a reference point for both scholars and budding writers. 

About feminism, Chimamanda has dug her hills as a purpose driven feminist and her faithful followers adore her for it (myself inclusive). But the fact that some who now call themselves radical feminists just to justify rubbish and glory nonsense in order to follow the safe path of mediocrity is disheartening. Admittedly though, I'm not a male chauvinist and I have nothing against feminism but I'm strongly against those who are on the front burner claiming to forcefully enjoy equal rights with men. Heaven-be-my-witness, I am a strong advocate of Akachi Ezeigbo Adimora's Snail-Sense Feminism and by implication, I'm a feminist. As a matter of fact, may I humbly chip this in here that feminism in the 21st Century should be about equity and not equality. Sadly, time and space would wrestle me down in an attempt to paint this point with both religious and cultural colouration. 

Alright, the focus of this article is interwoven around what is now trending on Twitter where an old video projected where she otherwise outrightly advised, "I often say to young Nigerian feminists, please do not use feminism to justify your wickedness."

It did not end there as the renowned author further pointed out in the interview that some young women are just mean while they claim to operate as feminists. And this is her verdict, "this isn't feminism, you're just really nasty." (My cousin sister needs to see this ASAP) 

Again, I'm tempted to add here that in an attempt to summarise her point, we'd all arrive at one thing, we should not use feminism to justify wickedness. 

And finally Before I take a bow, may I use this medium to further buttress her point in the very language of Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu, of the modern society that ours is a generation of misinformed young women who are merely satisfying their selfish and anachronistic desires in order to gratify their convoluted and impious ambitions (and please I mean no disrespect with that quote). 

Did you ever think "Yours faithfully" was going to end this article without defining the concept of feminism? No way! Hence, feminism is an ideology that advocates for women's rights. It equally has something to do with an organized activity that is designed to protect, not just their rights but their interests. To me, this is the boundary of their vision, let us get it aright and get even. 

Watch it below;

— "Stop using feminism to justify your wickedness" .– Chimamanda Adichie tells young Nigerian feminists .
— Vyrãl Treñdz (@TheVyralTrendz)  April 9, 2021

Thanks for your time. 

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