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Your creativity and my creativity are not the same

Being creative does not mean you have to orchestrate something that is entirely new; creativity works with things that certainly need revamping. There will be no creativity if there is nothing. Something must surely be active or present for creativity to take place. Take your mind for instance… Your mind cannot present contents to you that are outside you, but, rather, it works with those things you have. The things in you are more than enough to produce plentiful new contents. It is just about reproducing and your mind is so creative that it has such ability.

Most people think creativity should be the same for everyone. But it is not supposed to be so. As an entity, it may be analogous in most persons, but it is not entirely the same for everyone. I may have my own style of being creative and you may have yours. That is clearly why our dreams differ. We can’t have the same mindsets because our creativity settings are diverse.

I can remember being taught by a boy who denied me the access to being creative. He never wanted me to think outside the box. And I soon became bored by his teaching. That is exactly how most of us feel whenever we are being forced to do what wouldn’t make us boisterous. Creativity is just like an ocean, and we are in it. But just imagine not being allowed to drink from this water when you are tasty. How would you feel? You would definitely feel depressed and frustrated. And today, that is what most people want you to do. They want you to leave your creativity zone and step into a feeble zone that would make you to lose balance.

You may not yet be seen as creative by others, maybe, because you are still conforming to what is trendy. Everybody is supposed to be creative (potential creativity), but how creative are you kinetically? It is true that we all have a mind, and this mind is creative. But if we don’t utilize its energy, then it would be wasted. Conservation is what should be considered in the said case. If you don’t want your creativity to be wasted, then you have to conserve it. And conserving it has to do with using it the right way and channeling it to the right path.

Creativity involves a lot of processes. Everybody can be creative because it starts from a threshold. But most people are not interested in the threshold of creativity. They just want to start seeing the complete manifestation of creativity in a person. The creativity in children is a good example of the starting point of creativity. It is usually inchoate from the beginning. But you never can tell how great or humongous such creativity will be.

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