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Koma People Have Similar Traditions With Zulu Tribe

Recently, people tend to discuss the similarities between how Koma people dress and people of the Zulu tribe. This discussion was first ignited on social media platforms. I made some diggings and discover that there is indeed a similarity between the two tribes. First of all, the Koma people live in Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon while the Zulu people are known to be living in South Africa. Below are some of the interesting cultural traditions especially how people of these two tribes cover their bodies.

Koma People Of Nigeria

The people of this ancient tradition are predominantly found in Adamawa state on the mountains of Atlantika which spread into the Cameroon Republic. Their males dress with loincloths leaving most of their bodies while females only cover their bodies with leaves. This tribe have elders who are staunch traditionalists. The elders are responsible for blessing newborn babies, leading traditional events and preparing cultural warriors.

Twin birth is considered a sign of evil. Every woman that has a twin birth is buried alive with the babies but this practice has become obsolete. Although many people believed it is still being practised in the deeper side of the mountains.

(Photo Credit: The Heritage)

The Koma people was first discovered by a corp member who was deployed to serve in Adamawa state. The late Col Yohanna paid a visit to the Koma Hills in the year 1989 at the insistence of the corp members. Ever since, religious evangelists, non-governmental organizations and other adventurers started visiting the mountain to interact, guide, lecture and elevate their lifestyles.

Zulu Tribe Of South Africa

The Zulu people of South Africa have similar cultural practices to the Koma people. Their mode of dressing is also a loincloth just exactly as the Koma people except that some of them bare their bodies during annual cultural events. The Zulu women use beads around their necks and waists but the upper parts of the body are covered briefly with plain material.

The Zulu people frown at twin birth just like the Koma people. But as a result of the influence of the modern lifestyle, they have started to embrace twin birth as a blessing. This is a significant aspect of most African traditional settings.

(Photo Credit: Africa Archive)

Westernisation has impacted the lifestyles of many tribes in Africa. This has helped in preventing ritual killings, ceremonial killings and other unnecessary human sacrifices. This is indeed a very welcome development.

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