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The African Country That Was Colonized By Germany, France and Britain

Africa is a continent rich in history and diversity, which has been shaped by various colonization phases. While some African countries were colonized by a single European country, others like Cameroon were colonized by more than one European country such as Britain, France, and Germany. The story of Cameroon's colonization is an interesting one that highlights the country's journey toward independence.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Cameroon was colonized by Germany in 1884 until the end of World War I, when the country was taken over by the British and the French. After Germany's defeat in World War I, the League of Nations split the country between France and Britain. The French part of Cameroon gained independence in 1960, while the British region became independent in 1961 through a referendum. The two regions were later merged to form the modern-day Republic of Cameroon.

It is worth noting that the country was not united until after the independence of both French and British regions. The country’s early years of independence were marked by political upheavals and instability. There were also attempts by some English-speaking regions within the country to secede and form a new country. These separatist movements have led to ongoing conflicts that have affected the country's political stability and economic growth.

Unlike other colonized African countries that only had to fight for their independence against one colonizer, Cameroon had to fight for its independence against three colonizers. Today, the country has embraced its rich history and cultural diversity, which has contributed to its unique identity. Cameroon's journey toward independence should be a lesson to the world that true independence cannot be achieved overnight and requires a great deal of resilience and determination.

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