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The history of the god and leader of the Vikings, Odin.

The history of the god and leader of the Vikings, Odin.

In case you don't know who Odin is, he is a god who was worshiped a long time ago, Wednesday was named after him, he is the supreme god of the Norse and Germanic Germanic pantheon. He is the god of war, leader of the Aesir. His was frigga and his children, Thor, Tyr, Hod, Balder. He is sometimes known as the one eye father.

Now the god Loki is foretold to be the god that will bring the end to the god, Odin in a event which is called, the Ragnarok. Ragnarok is a series of event culminating to an end. Now this god called Odin, is the god of death, healing, knowledge, sorcery and battles. Now there is this story about Odin which goes like this, one day while sitting on his throne, he took a glance at the whole world but he wanted nothing to be hidden from him, he wanted to have knowledge over everything. 

It was said that in order to gain knowledge, he sacrificed his eye in mimir's well of sacrificed it to a god. After gaining many knowledge, he was able to make the storm calm, he made women love him, he turned weapons coming to him back and was even able to cure then sick. We must also note that the god Odin did sacrificed his eye in order to be knowledgeable over everything that goes on the world.

In my next article, I will be writing more on his life and on his kingdom called Asgard. After that, we would start with the Greek god, Zeus.

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