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Meet The Man Who Used Typewriter To Draw People's Portraits -- It Looks As Good As A Pencil Sketch

AC Gurumurthy from Bangalore in India, former banker, and self-trained artist has been performing wonder with his typewriter for the past 40years.

Many years ago he was a banker who used a typewriter to write a document and in his free time, he would make drawings with pencils until an Idea pop into his mind. "Why don't I use a typewriter for making artwork".

He began typing out letters, symbols, numbers, and different characters on the keyboard to flesh out black and white portraits which resembled anyone he wants to draw, all of which looks as good as a pencil sketch.

Gurumurthy acknowledged

"It is fairly challenging and technical because while typing is relatively straightforward, creating a picture entails creating patterns, outlines, figures, and various shades light and dark shades are obtained by applying varying pressures onto the keys and a slight mistake be disastrous and you have to start again because there is no cleaner"

This art was so new to the world and everybody love it. His picture got on the news, social media, and national television. He freely retired from his banking job and he has been making a living from using a typewriter to makes portraits even Prime Minister and President ask him to draw their portraits.

When you develop a passion, sticks to it until you succeed

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