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The Untold Story Of Ken Saro Wiwa

Ken- Saro- wiwa is not only an Ogboni hero, he is also a national liberator, fighting to protect the land of his father and all Nigerians. Read information about his date with your child. early life Chief Jim Wiwa and his third wife Widu Wiwa gave birth to a son on the 10th, 1941, and named him kenule Tsero- Wiwa. Chief Jim served as a ranger and respective chief in the Ogoni region.

Ken started his life as a very smart boy, he was better than his peers. Before moving to the Umuahia School of Government, it was not difficult for him to be admitted to the school of indigenous authorities. Due to his high IQ, the government sent him a scholarship to the University of Ibadan for higher education.

This made him the first person in his area to receive a grant from the federal government. Like the other schools he attended, Ken won multiple awards at U. I and graduated as a very honest journalist and human rights activist.

During the autocratic rule of General Sani Abacha, his beliefs changed, this general had little sympathy for the opposition and others who arrested Saroviva along with eight other comrades because they continued to inspire the masses and expose the tyranny of the Abacha government. Later, Ken was assassinated at the urging of the locals and the international community. Before his death, his marriage was very happy and he had children with two women. This is your profile and your end.

Ken Saroveva Jr.

Jnr was an advisor to three Nigerian presidents before his father died of a stroke 20 years later. He is also a journalist and defender of peace. President Olusegun Obasanjo has appointed Ken as a special adviser for peace and conflict resolution. He remained in office until the departure of former President Goodluck Jonathan

Menegian Saroveva

Unfortunately, Menegian, who was born in 1960, died of the Covid- 19 pandemic and died in the UK on April 16, 2020. He had other undisclosed health issues that caused his death.

Gina Saroveva

He is one of the wisest sons of Saloveva. Gina is good at sports and musical instruments such as piano and guitar. However, after he was 16 years old, mental health frustration hindered his development. Like Saro- wiwa from a traditional African father, he has more children from other women, he has twin daughters, and he also takes care of his inheritance.

Nosarowe Wa

Noo is a journalist like his father, helping to fight for human rights and a stable black population. Because of growing up abroad, most people don't recognize the good jobs their offspring have imitated. Gina Saroveva Gina is a filmmaker. Her films are based on the life experiences of the victims, and she has won numerous international awards for this.

Zina is also an outstanding art teacher and an idol respected by her peers. The two remaining children of Mr. Ken belong to another woman. The beautiful daughters are Cinto and Adele. They are beautiful and respected people in society.

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