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The Origin Of Ijele: The Biggest Masquerade In The History Of Nigeria

There are various cultures in Nigeria ranging from Masquerade, annual festive, and many others. In this article, we are going to talk about the origination of the biggest Sub-Saharan masquerade, Ijele. The giant masquerade has remained as the biggest so far in history.

The Origin Of Ijele

The Origin of Ijele can be traced back to Umueri in the Old Anambra State. The community's Ijele' became popular when the then government selected it to represent the State in the Festival of Art & Culture known as FESTAC 1977, and it amazed people to get accolades. The masquerade is extremely big and towers about 12ft to 15ft.

It was built with many particles such as bamboo sticks, coloured clothes, and creativity of men. It has three segments, which are Upper (Mkpu), lower (Akpakwuru Ijele) and the centre (ogba).

There are many myths about the masquerade such as the family, the 45-sub masquerades of it, the mysterious mirror and many others.

Source: Wikipedia

Do you believe that Ijele is the biggest masking system or masquerade in Nigeria? Say your thought in the comment box.

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