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One thing my grandfathers' generation and mine has in common.

When the idea of comparing our grandfathers' generation and ours comes to mind we often look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two periods. So many things have changed between these two generations but there is one thing that has always remained. Let's consider the changes before looking at the similarity.

Technology has been a very big bonus and added advantage to our present day . Every aspect of our life today has clear differences when compared to our forefathers' time . During the medieval era the journey of the present day 8 hours was seven or more days. The use of luxurious cars,trains, and aeroplanes were nowhere to be found. They either trek or the wealthy ones use horses or bicycles. As if the difference in means of transportation is not enough, the clear distinguishing factors in means of communication also manifest. Those before us had to wait until specific activities were done before they could come together and communicate like during yam festivals, Christmas celebration etc . Unlike today, one can be at a place and communicate with millions of people in different parts of the world. Through the help of social media we can send and receive information without having to be physically present with the second person. My grandfather before his death once told me how he trekked for 16 days just to deliver a message from the king to a king in another village. Mind you my grandfather was onowu( next to the king) . He claimed not to have used horses because of the nature of the journey. Seeing people travel to distant places within a short period makes me recall my grandfather's story.

You will agree with me that no one can boast of his grandfathers using the coloured television of today's order than the black and white television. This white and black television was only available to the rich men of those days . The difference between these two eras is so numerous that we cannot emphasize them all. Talk about the ownership and use of radios and phones ?

However,there is one thing that has ever remained the same . Something that has lived with both my generation and that of my grandfathers'. What could this be ? That thing is no other thing but human personality . While those that lived before me might have seen life differently but that human behaviour had never changed . People of those days displayed varieties of behaviours such as kindness, wickedness, hospitality, hostility etc which are very much present with those in my generation.

Every behaviour that my grandfather told me existed those days is all that I've grown to see flourishing in my own time at a more advanced level. Let's take the political terrain as a case study. During the days of my grandfather there were both the good and bad ones in the decision making bodies of their community which is the same thing we witness in our today political offices. Those who wanted the good of the community and those who wanted their own selfish gains all exist in both generations.

Wars among communities thrived during the primitive period which we are not short of knowledge of in our own countries of today.

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