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Opinion: Three Things You Do Unintentionally That Slows Down Your Progress In Life And How To Stop It

I'm sure you must have read millions of motivational quotes about the path to success or tips on how to succeed. You must have read inspirational books on how to be the best.

I have also done the same and i have been able to come up with three things that we do unintentionally that slows down our progress in life and how to stop doing it.

1. Negative Thinking

When you want to start something, it's expected that you consider the possibilities of failure. But most people dwell on it, they allow fear and doubt to step on amd constantly surround themselves with negative thoughts. This will slow down your progress in life as you will be too scared to move forward.

Now, to stop this habit, you need to think positively. Yes, what you are doing could fail but what if you don't try? What if it doesn't fail? What if you do it and you succeed? This is how you should think. Never dwell on negative thoughts. Push it out as soon as it comes into your mind.

2. Having Unrealistic Expectations

When you are young, your mind is filled with many things. A lot of them humanely impossible to achieve. But as you grow you should have more knowledge that will help you know what is achievable and what is not. You shouldn't place your mind on becoming a billionaire overnight or becoming the smartest person in class overnight. It takes time and a long process.

Don't rush Yourself. If you do you'll waste so much time on things that will never be of help later. Start small then grow.

3. Doing The Same Thing Over And Over

If one way doesn't work out for you, you should try another method. Don't keep doing the same things and expecting different results. We tend to waste our time on repeating things.

Don't be stagnant.

I hope this helps. Please share and like.

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