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How I became a successful writer on Opera news hub. #OperanewshubAnniversary.

It's a thing of Joy when you have the right place to express yourself to the world, mostly when lt comes to Nigeria setting where news flows like a river both good and bad, this is if you have the zeal.

Writing is a great and admirable job, when you read books and news papers, online Media news, you will always admire the ways words are being used, you can only understand this if you are in love regards to reading and writing. Writers are wonderful people, they are great teachers, philosophers, great thinkers and creators. The quest for writing started burning in my veins during my days in high institution, the zeal gave me courage for writting short stories that was jointly published as a literature book, where different authors present different stories to form a book, the book was edited and published by our English lecturer.

After school l had time without number dreams of becoming a noble writer and a reporter, but finds it difficult on how to achieve this goal. But my dream comes closer to fulfiment after I discovered that Opera news hub can give me opportunity to express my views, share my visions and also learn from others.

After l registered with Opera hub, which I did myself without any guide, l began to write, it becomes worrisome, impossible for me to write an article that can pass the standard for publication, life is a mystery, never lose hope.

I remembered that the day my first article was published l nearly jumped out of the window, because l saw it as a milestone in my quest to conquer the world of Media. The Opera hub is just a unique platform for experts as well as starters.

Challenges Writing on Opera news hub.

Most likely challenges l encountered was the challenge of rejection of articles, some articles l thought that I have done my best, while waiting for publication only for you to check after some minutes or hours to see that your article was rejected. This sometimes can make you to feel disappointed, because sometimes you thought that this is one of the best articles you have produced.

Below are some of the reasons why my articles were rejected, which is also familiar with every other creators.

1. Rejection for grammartical errors on the headline, and sentences unable to understand, this is the toughest part of article that can keep you thinking over 1 hour on how to present a headline with correct sentence, that can also attract readers, and that isn't fake, defamatory against the rules of engagement. The greater job is on the title since it can stop your work that have taking you days to prepare.

2. My articles sometimes were rejected for the grammatical errors on the content, this one doesn't have any remedy, because you can't start afresh to rewrite the whole article.

3. My articles were rejected for Exaggeration of headline, since you want a Catchy headline that can attract readers, sometimes you won't know when you have crossed the boundaries, this also made my articles rejected in several occasions.

4. Another reason why my articles were rejected was the issues of headline pictures not matching with the headline content, this is another sorry state if you don't understand it.

Breakthroughs recorded.

Usually l was not bordered on how much I got at the end of the month, but my friends ignited me, since l am always on line, they usually ask me how much do I make for sleepless nights l had while writing.

Sometimes l usually got 1000, 3000, until one day my story changed little, l remembered getting Over 13000 etc, the money was like a million to me, because l never thought that one day I can get such amount, but history has thought me that some people that got 300,000 did so because of their hard work and time invested.

My highest score was 240k, which I never imagined that can be possible, the second to that was 140k. It's a great testimony to me, because it took me over Four months to go this far, and I am believing that I will one day get to the top fifty greatest paid and best creators, since Opera hub has greater number of wonderful and skillful writers on board..

My writing information sources.

I usually get information through inspirations, reading on different online news media, thinking, and rationalizing on National issues.

Opera news hub, has giving Nigerians the opportunity to learn, earn and make life a meaning for themselves, while writing online.

As Opera is cerebrating 1 year Anniversary in Nigeria, l strongly believe that I am one of those who have benefited from the platform, through development of writting skills, expression of feelings, dissemination of information, and contributing to National building.


KINDLY, Share your thoughts on this, at least you have learnt that anybody can make it, you can make it too, what you need is constant hard working, developing your potentials and waiting for God's giving opportunity and making proper use of it, you will see yourself at the top. Like , share and comment on this page.

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