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Check the list of Nigerian words that made it to the new edition of Oxford English Dictionary

English is the official language of Nigeria. Nigeria is a diverse and polyglot nation of 200 million.

Like in many English-speaking societies, Nigerians have crafted new words, phrases and meanings that have, overtime, become widely adopted as part of the country’s local lexicon.

29 words made it to the new edition of Oxford English. "Kennywood" is the first word to make it to OED. "Kannywood" was first used in 2002, which is the name for the Hausa-language film industry based in the city of Kano. It is a play on Hollywood, following the model of Nollywood, the more general term for the Nigerian film industry that was added to the OED in 2018. 

Other Nigerian English words that were added recently are agric, barbing, buka, bukateria, chop, chop-chop, danfo, to eat money, in eat, ember months, flag-off, to flag off in flag, gist, guber, K-leg, mama put, next tomorrow, non-indigene, okada, to put to bed, in put, qualitative, to rub minds (together) in rub, sef, send-forth, severally, tokunbo, zoning.

To dictionary details of words added to Oxford English Dictionary, kindly go to a bookshop to purchase new edition of OED.

Below are the 29 words:

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