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9 Ancient Discoveries People Made in Their Backyards

Almost no one would turn down the chance of uncovering hidden riches or making a significant historical discovery. The following are some real-life anecdotes about people who have done exactly that in their own back gardens. These findings range from astounding to downright creepy.

An expensive Ferrari

Two youngsters were excavating in their backyard in Los Angeles in the 1990s when they came across a Ferrari. The Ferrari was turned over to the insurance agency and subsequently auctioned off. The police determined that the car had been stolen after additional inquiry. The only thing that comes to mind is how the thieves were able to bury a full car underground. 

A rare armadillo shell

A man from Argentina discovered a huge dinosaur egg, as he termed it, near his property. It was discovered to be the shell of a glyptodon, an ancient armadillo the size of a Sports Car. A glyptodon-made hole was discovered in the shell.

Treasure from the Middle Ages

Around 200 jewellery items were unearthed by an Austrian guy. After two years of hiding it in his cellar, he never thought about it again. When he decided to move, he remembered it for the first time. When the jewellery was inspected by experts, it was determined that it was 600 years old.

A bomb bunker that has been fully preserved

A Cold War anti-radiation bomb bunker was erected in the backyard of two individuals' California home after they acquired it. It was built by an engineer who had previously resided in the home. Over 50 years had passed and they thought there would be nothing left of the refuge. But they couldn't have been more incorrect.

A tunnel leading to the Great Pyramid

An Egyptian villager was digging in his property when he came across a strange tunnel. Perhaps it led inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Giza's greatest and most ancient pyramid. Imagined the amount of treasure they would have found if they actually made it into the pyramd.

An Indian's bones dating back a thousand years

In 2014, a young boy made a horrifying discovery as he was excavating a hole in his yard for a pond when he discovered human bones. Unbelievably, his father alerted authorities immediately, and forensic tests revealed that they were in fact the bones of a long-extinct American Indian. Egyptologists continued digging the yard, hoping to discover Indian gravesites that will help them learn more about ancient civilizations. When you learn that your house sits on a historic Indian burial ground, how do you feel?

A bag containing $175k marijuana

A Los Angeles house owner chose to put solar cells on the top of his house when he unlocked his cellar door, he found a bag full of marijuana-laced jars up there. Evidently, someone trespassed into Reed's property when he wasn't there and buried the narcotics. The bag's estimated cost was later revealed to be at $175k.

One of the greatest American mysteries ever unfolded

A married couple discovered hidden riches while strolling their dog in their own garden in 2013. They discovered gold money inside a rusted box jutting out of the earth. A total of eight additional boxes, including currency produced from 1847 to 1894, were discovered. Several of the coins appeared to have never been used since they were in excellent condition. The majority of the coins were auctioned off by the couple. Nobody knows how the crates ended up in their garden, but the total worth was over $8 million.

A prehistoric Dinosaur's skeleton

A house owner in England chose to erect a fence around his property in 1997 when he hit a huge bone with his spade, he transported it to his barn, where he completely forgot about it for a staggering 18 years. He ultimately reported his discovery to experts in 2015, and it was discovered to be an extinct pliosaur bone.

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