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Writing For Opera Taught Me These Four Things

I began writing for Opera just a few months ago, in February, to be precise. To be honest, my reason for writing was not because I had a passion for writing or because I was seeking an opportunity to express my creativity or anything like that. The one reason why I began writing for Opera, and that I wanted to make money.

   The journey of life may be rightly likened to a classroom, and those who are wise would readily pick out one or two lessons from every situation or activity in life. This was the case with me.

I noticed that In the course of writing, while my initial objective of making extra cash was being accomplished, I also observed that I had learnt a few valuable lessons, that would remain with me for the rest of my life.

 Writing for Opera taught me these four things;

1. Information is extremely valuable.

 Going about my daily activities, which includes conversation with different individuals, browsing social media, watching TV, listening to the radio, etc, I normally encounter different information on different topics on a daily basis.

But in writing for Opera, I discovered that these information which I would normally do nothing useful with, could be easily converted to money.

Writing one or two articles on the information I get on a daily basis, could earn me at least a thousand naira.

2. Mental Work earns you more than physical work

This is one lesson I had already learnt in the past, but it was reinforced as part of my experience of writing for Opera.

I considered the fact that the money one could make from intense physical labour, such as Wheelbarrow pushing, or some other forms of manual labour is not as much as what some individuals earn from Opera. According to Opera's Top 50 earners list, which they publish monthly, some individuals earn money in six figures working from the comfort of their homes, which is much more than what some people earn doing physical labour everyday.

3. Consistency is required for Impact.

The first money I earned from Opera, was less than two thousand naira. The temptation to be discouraged and quit was there, but I learnt my lessons and continued writing. The next month, I made more than ten thousand naira. 

I learnt from this that anything that lacks consistency will lack impact. 

4. Fake News is Dangerous.

I considered how much Opera takes care to ensure that the stories posted on their platform are authentic, and original. This made me consider how much negative impact one false story which is published on such a platform. Especially as it concerns sensitive issues in our nation, spreading falsehood would be extremely dangerous and have disastrous effects.


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