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"Chimamanda's Feminism Is The Introductory Kind, It Lacks Depth And It's Outdated"- Feminist Witch.

A Twitter user identified as "Feminist witch", has taken to her platform to blast Nigerian Author/Writer and Feminist, Chimamanda Adiche for saying that 'people should not use Feminism to justify wickedness'. According to her, she said that her brand of Feminism is the introductoryand basic kind, which lacks depth, and that it's outdated, because it is transphobic and screams classicism, citing that her brand of feminism has lost the plot.

"Chinamanda's brand of Feminism is like learning ABCD at school, it's just an introduction but it lacks depths, screams classicism, Transphobic, outdated and never graduated to deeper waters and in depth Feminism, her Feminism is palatable to the male gaze. The reason your favourites continue to be problematic is because all of you are not open to criticising them and holding them accountable, Chimamanda has been Transphobic, she is now openly talking about how you are using Feminism to be wicked, it's okay for her to admit her Feminism lost the plot."

The whole trend started on the 9th of April, 2021, when popular Feminist and tech Lawyer, Mochievous, announced that women should boycott the Twitter app, as a form of protest, to address the issue of harassments that women face on the cyber space.

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