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The Tale of the Breadwinner : The Family Pillar

The role of the Breadwinner in the family can not be left unacknowledged as it is a vital role in the determination of the decision making and financial status of the family. The Breadwinner makes a wrong decision and leaves the whole family hurting.

It is a traditional thing for some culture to ascribe the role of the Breadwinner to the first male child of the family. That means it needs no ordination to know who the Breadwinner of the family is meant to be. Also, in some traditions, it is always ascribed to the most financially buoyant person of the family.

Now, the role of the Breadwinner in a family can earn them some power ahead of everyone in the family without considering the age or capability. Sometimes, the power given can be overly much but their financials cover up for them. While some of the Breadwinners of the family are competent at decision-making and crisis management, some are less competent for the decision-making task and might be due to many reasons.

In the same token, the Breadwinner of the family may inherently be efficient as the supporting pillar to the family in the decision making role. So also can the Breadwinner be the fallen pillar when it comes to decision making in the family as decision making is a quality that necessarily doesn't come with buoyant financials.

So, the role of a Breadwinner can be questioned in some traditions as the decision making is tied to it. Should decision-making be ascribed to anyone because of their financials or because of the provisions they bring to the family?


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