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Story of A Benin Prince Who Sold His Kingdom to the French For a Title in 1894

The Dahomey (now Benin) was a Kingdom situated in what is today known as Southern Benin. The Kingdom was believed to founded by Do-Aklin who was the first ruler of Dahomey Kingdom, the Kingdom of Dahomey controlled mighty Kingdoms such as the Oyo Empire, Mali Empire and the Songhai Empire. They reached their feats of power through it powerful female army known as the Amazons.

The Dahomey Kingdom controlled most of the trade in West Africa with the Europeans, with slaves and other materials, they were able to acquire weapons to fight their enemies. Many Kingdoms feared the dreaded Kingdom due to it all female army, but they would soon loose all this things after the invasion of the French Colonists.

In 1889, after King Behanzin popularly known as King Shark ascended the throne of Dahomey after his father's passing, he realized that the French Colonists declared Cotonu under it control provoking King Behanzin to begin a campaign. In 1892, the French Colonists launched an invasion to the Kingdom of Dahomey.

The two power bodies fought many wars in Poguessa, Dogba, and in Oueme Valley until the French Colonists finally seized King Behanzin and deposed of his all female army, King Behanzin was finally expelled to Algeria but before the expulsion, he never signed the treaty of surrender. Following the King's expulsion, the French Colonists were willing to offer the throne to any of the royal family members only if they sign the treaty of surrender, many rejected the offer until Agoli-Agbo who was the brother of King Behanzin and the chief staff of the Kingdom accepted to sign the surrender for the throne.

After the French Colonists had his signature of surrender, he was appointed a traditional chief instead of the ruler of the Kingdom, he reigned for only six years, after his reigned had expired, he begged the French Colonists to allow him rule further but he was rather expelled out of Dahomey which allowed the French Colonists direct administration to the Kingdom.

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