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Internet Fraud: What Is The Way Forward For Our Youths?

Internet fraud also known as Yahoo is a crime which involves impersonating a person, or an organization in order to extort money from another person or organization under false pretense.

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook Page)

A lot of Nigerian youths now indulge in internet fraud, which has increased the crime rates in the country. Some of our youths now have the ideology that internet fraud can set them free from poverty.

As many keep making money from fraud, a lot more people are in pains and suffering from trauma as a result of being defrauded.

The Nigerian system also participated in allowing the youths to practice fraud by not providing enough job opportunities for them.

Some youths on the other hand are lazy to work for their money. They prefer a shortcut to wealth and believe internet fraud holds the answer. But what is the way forward for our youths?

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook Page)

The Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has arrested more than a hundred youths over the past months for internet fraud. The rate keeps increasing. Does this mean that in the next 10 years, a lot of youths will have become ex-convicts?

Some certain things have to be addressed, and internet fraud should be a top priority. Youths spending lavishly these days needs questioning.

Even as the invention of internet created a lot of job opportunities, it doesn't warrant the youths to spend lavishly the way they do these days compared to the olden days.

(Photo Credit: EFCC via Official Facebook Page)

Our government has to make the people, especially the youths their priority before anything else.

Like they say, "the youths are the leaders of tomorrow," but what about today? Do they look promising to lead tomorrow?

Becoming an ex-convict in a country like Nigeria might seem very tough to survive. The population of the country is enough reason not become an ex-convict because the chances of earning a living is slim.

Internet fraud is not something I'll advise any youth to get involved in. But still many youths practice fraud.

What is the way forward for our youths?

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