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This is the real meaning of OTP messages that always appear when receiving a bank verification

Whenever you want to transfer money from an app either betting app or what so ever that requires an access to your bank so as to take the money away from your balance, there will be a message that will be sent directly from your bank to the phone number you opened the bank account with. That code being sent as confirmation to grant that organization access to your bank is called "otp".

This "otp" means One Time Password. Due 5o the high rate of cyber crime around the world, organizations had been trying their possible best to secure their assets from these criminals. So this one time password have in one part discriminate the rate of cyber crime. Now over to the meaning of OTP. One time password is the password being sent to you to verify an organization's access to your bank. When this password is being sent to you it is only allowed to be used once. Once you log in with it, then the code expires immediately. That's why you have to be very careful with it. Because if a hacker or someone else uses it before you then you known that your bank account balance is in danger.

So keep your OTP safe try and use it before giving someone your phone. Once it is being used, then it is of no use again.

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