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4 Ways To Know When Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

It's possible that your family and friends are following you. This is frequently due to apprehension. Many parents also keep an eye on their children for their own protection. Some supervisors or coworkers may be tracking your whereabouts. Why? They may want to know if you are working in the proper location. They could also be concerned about your loyalty.

Finally, your phone might be tracked by a partner. They might think you're cheating on them with someone else. It's possible that they're worried about you and want to know where you are.

These are some of the ways your phone can be followed.

1. Your device could be tracked at the network level. This might be your service provider or a hacker who has gained access to the network. It is impossible to identify network-level tracking.

2. Your phone can also be traced using WiFi, which is especially dangerous if you frequently use public WiFi networks. Hacking equipment such as the IMSI catcher are also available. They have the ability to intercept every data sent from or received on your phone.

3. If your phone has been hacked, it may start acting abnormally. For example, there could be ongoing slowdowns. It's possible that the phone will crash from time to time. Even while not in use, it may light up and produce unusual noises.

4. Tracking programs are frequently disguised as fun games or leisure apps. They can not only track your location but also listen in on your phone calls.

It's possible that your phone is being monitored if you hear unusual noises and beeps while on the phone.

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