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What You Should Stop Doing With Your Phone For Safety Reasons

Phones have become gadgets we cannot do without nowadays. However, there are some things we must avoid while using our phones for our safety and the safety of our phones.

Today, I have brought you 10 things we commonly do with our phones that must be stopped.

1. Making Phone Call While Driving

This cannot be over emphasized. Talking over the phone while driving is now widely practiced globally. It is dangerous.

When you talk over the phone and drive you loose concentration and can lead to accident.

2. Taking selfies on high places

Many people have lost their lives because they want to take pictures on high places. A perfect example is a skyscraper. You could fall while trying to take a picture with your phone on a high place.

3. Making phone call while charging

If you do this, stop it. It is dangerous. Recent research has proven that making calls while charging is bad and could cause explosion.

4. Connection to Unsecured WiFi

Many of us are always excited to see free WiFi and want to connect. You might get free data but it is dangerous at the same time. Hackers use themselves as intermediaries between the wifi user and the server thereby, getting information from your device. You could be hacked if a wifi was set up to trap free WiFi lovers.

5. Avoid overcharging your phones

Doing this will certainly lead to overhearing and your phone could explode or the battery could burn. It isn't necessary that you charge your phones to 100 percent.

6. Using Earpiece while charging

Several news reports has proven that listening to music with earphones on charge causes electrocution. It means that you could be shocked while during the process. Avoid it if you do this.

7. Do not keep your phones unlocked.

Your information could be accessed by anyone who comes in contact with your phone if you leave it unlocked. Make sure your phone has good security. You could use pattern, PIN, fingerprint or face unlock to lock your phone.

8. Stop using your phone on high brightness

Doing so can damage your eyes. You are also advised to not use your phone on low brightness as it can also damage your eyesight.

9. Do not hold your phone for long

When you bend for long. Your neck could get a problem. Learn to drop your phone for sometime before you use it again.

10. Stop walking while using your phone

You won't concentrate if you walk and use your phone. You could be hit by any vehicle. You could fall into a joke or hit yourself on a wall or something more dangerous.

Content created and supplied by: Augustinenewsdaily (via Opera News )


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