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PDF, USB, OTP, CGI, URL, PNG, HTTP, And 43 other IT Acronyms you Probably didn't know their meaning

Without wasting much time, below are 50 Acronyms and their meaning you probably didn't know.

1. WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network

2. XTF: extensible Time Framework

3. XP: eXtreme Programing

4. WWW: World Wide Web

5. WPAN: Wireless Personal Area Network

6. WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network

7. WinRT: Windows Run Time

8. Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity

9. WAP: Wireless Access Point

10. VT: Video Terminal

11. VLF: Very Low Frequency

12. VNC: Visual Network Computing

13. UTP: Unshielded Twisted Pair

14. USB: Universal Serial Bus

15. URL: Uniform Resource Locator

16. URI: Uniform Resource Identifier

17. UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply

18. TTS: Text To Speech

19. SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics

20. SWT: Standard Widget Toolkit

21. SSI: Single System Image

22. SSL: Secure Socket Layer

23. SSH: Secure Shell

24. SMS: Short Message Service

25. SME: Subject Matter Expert

26. SIM: Subscriber Identification Module

27. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

28. NVR: Network Video Recorder

29. OTP: Online Transaction Processing

30. PNG: Portable Newtwok Graphics

31. PDF: Portable Document Format

32. MDF: Main Distribution Frame

33. LF: Low Frequency

34. JVM: Java Virtual Machine

35. IPP: Internet Printing Protocol

36. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

37. HTML: Hypertext markup language

38. HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interphase

39. GPU: Graphics Processing Unit

40. GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication

41. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

42. E-mail: Electronic Mail

43. DSL: Domain Specific Language

44. DVD: Digital Video Disc

45. CGI: Computer Generated Image

46. CAPTCHA: Computer Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computer and Human Apart

47. CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing

48. AVI: Audio Video Interleaved

49. APIC: Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

50. API: Application Programing Interphase

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