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8 Problems Only iPhone Users Would Understand Or Relate To. Check It Out.

A mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, cellphone, handphone, or hand phone, sometimes shortened to simply mobile, cell or just phone.

It's a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. 

There are many benefits to a smartphone with its booming performance coming top of the list along with its ability to multi process and multi task a lot of great applications, keeping you entertained all day long. 

There are two popular Mobile Phone operating system which are iPhone and Android.

Battles have been fought between iPhone users and Android users on the matter of superiority. 

Even though these smartphones provide the same things, they are unique in their own way. 

I bring to you 8 problems only iPhone users would understand. Check It Out.

1. Mystery Battery Drain

Your battery drains at the speed of light. You would wish the first 99% of your battery life would last as long as the 1% you have left on your phone.

Many applications quickly drain your smartphone battery it leaves you in a bit of a hitch.

Additionally, if you have a faulty battery and after a battery’s warranty is void it can cost a small fortune to replace it which cost way too much and that’s excluding any potential shipping costs.

2. Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth is one of the most essential technologies for sharing your things and all smartphones today have the ability to transfer their files between themselves and other devices too.

However, the iPhone is unable to share and transfer files between devices and sometimes its Bluetooth doesn’t even work to transfer files between iPhones themselves.

3. Background App 

When you forget to turn off background app refresh, in this age and time of the dollar and outrageous data bundles.

4. iTunes

Apple products have a lot of protection and privacy and iTunes is essential if you want to sync files to your iPhone.

One of the problems you might face is that all your data may be lost if you connect your iPhone to another computer which contains a newly installed iTunes which is not configured with your iPhone. 

Not to mention the errors you get while syncing your stuff and sometimes synchronization doesn’t happen at all due to random problems. I’m sure all iPhone users have been there.

5. Expensive

Expensive? That’s an understatement! It can cost a whole monthly income depending upon what you earn and all that for just a single phone.

You probably would sell a few members of your family to get the iPhone you desire, you might still be in debt. 

Only to see another upgrade one of your phone been released.

6. Updates With No Storage

You have hundreds of apps on your iPhone and you have storage which is quite minimal considering Apple is always busy giving you updates that can take a lot of additional space.

This then limits you to downloading further things such as your favorite albums or games.

There’s also no place for an additional memory card slot which makes it even worse as the only way you can get more storage is by deleting important things.

7. Apple Maps Isn’t A Map

Trying to get to an event in V.I, Apple maps might lead you to your village across the Niger.

8. Autocorrect

You have to become a professional editor because autocorrect can jump into your conversations and you might lose so many friendships if you do not beg and blame the culprit.

Here, are few problems only iPhone users would understand or relate to.

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Content created and supplied by: Oluwaparkage (via Opera News )

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