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Opinion: The Dangerous Social Media Challenge Some Nigerians Have Taken Part In This Year

Social media challenges are no more new to many of us these days. These challenges are meant to be fun, but it is really unfortunate that some people take it too far, and we start seeing dangerous versions of these challenges.

In the past months, many challenges have come and gone, but there is one particular social media challenge that hit the internet this year and was considered one of the most dangerous challenges because of how some people abused it or how it posed to be potentially harmful. The social media challenge that was dangerous, but some Nigerians participated in was the Milk Crate Challenge.

What is this Milk Crate Challenge?

This challenge is also known as the crate challenge. This challenge went viral in August 2021, and many people across the world took part in it. The challenge involved arranging crates so high, climbing to the top of the crates and climbing down without destroying the structure of the crates. Unfortunately, not so many people were able to successfully complete the walk on the crates.

What made the challenge very dangerous is because of two reasons. The first reason is that people took it too far by arranging the crates too high, when they could have just arranged it to a safe height. The second reason here is that when these people fall from the crates, they often got injured badly from it.

To further proved that the challenge was dangerous, TikTok had to ban videos of it on its platform, and that drastically reduced people's participation in the challenge.

What is your take about this challenge, do you miss it, or you are glad it went away?

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