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Instagram, Facebook And Whatsapp Down: Could All Be Fine Without The Trio?

There was a bit of panic on Monday afternoon after WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram suddenly stopped working and refreshing.

A few people, including myself, had thought it was a personal issue, not until breaking news emanated from a verified media on Opera News Hub that the incident was global and that Mark Zuckerberg's (Facebook Owner) domain account had been hacked.

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 A further report had it that Mark himself had taken to a rival social media, Twitter to give an update on returning things to normal, of which things did eventually return to normal after some hours. 

However, given how the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter have turned the world into a global village since their inception for over a decade, it is important to re-examine if all can be well with them being out of use. 

Here below are the aspects that could have been affected by the outage of the three major social media, and how respectfully each outrage must have rightly or wrongly impacted:

1. Communication

Photo Credit: The Independent, UK

The three major platforms - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter inclusive have been a major means of communication globally since they were created. Of course thousands, if not millions must have lost that communication link after many hours of the outage. 

Will this incur some large itches in the communication aspect or will people be able to survive it, hopefully, it doesn't repeat in future? After all, Nigerians have managed a little to cope without Twitter since they were banned from using it, however that was only peculiar to Nigeria and not the world. 

2. Business platform/Economy

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Hours after Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down, another piece of information from Sahara Reporters had it that Mark Zuckerberg has lost about $7 billion already, amidst the itches that have been unfolding on the three major social platforms. 

There is no doubt that many have built their businesses on those social platforms, and you can imagine what could happen if Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp refused to work for a longer duration than they have done a while ago. 

In this world of the internet era, could people survive business-wise without those platforms? Perhaps, people should begin to reconsider how they can only make social media a place to only communicate their businesses rather than building their businesses on them? 

3. Security /Social wise

Here comes another issue that can be very worrying, as most security information is passed across through these social platforms. How about the social aspects of meeting and relating with friends? Do they matter? Can all be fine without the platforms or with them being out for a longer period? 

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