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"When Your Phone Is Charging But Using The Phone Is More Important" - And Other Funny Memes

When even your father tells you that you look like a goat.

When your problem is your lack of ability to think.

No one is noticing my legendary hat because of mom.

When your phone is charging but using the phone is more important.

My friends when I'm in the principal's room.

My pics in my phone vs my pics in my friend's phone.

When I cut tomato at 3am, this is what I see.

5 years old me when I watch cartoons and someone change the channel.

When someone tells me that I should think outside the box.

When someone says I should trust him and he'll never break my heart.

When you're the only one who can pass the helicopter mission in GTA vice city and your friend call you to pass it for him.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

One minute silence for this guy who thinks he's taking a picture.

7 year old me waiting for my father to return from his office so I can play with his phone.

Me looking for snacks when my mum returns from the market.

My anti theft lunch bag.

When I'm attending morning class in winter.

My grandma whenever I tell her that I got bullied in school.

Me when the interviewer asks if I have any experience as a surgeon.

My reaction when my dad is using my mobile phone.

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