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Important Information To Npower Batch C Applicants Regarding Online Screening

It's no longer news that Npower Batch C Applicants are taking online test via the NASIMS Portal for final selection into the Npower program, Some have taking the test; unfortunately many more are yet to do the same due to network hiccups.

The essence of the online screening is to give all applicants a level playing ground (equal opportunity), showcase transparency and eliminate all doubts of God fatherism in the final selection process when released.Let's recall FG is really committed to lifting millions of Nigerians out from unemployment and poverty, little wonder why they decided to expand the Npower program to contain 1,000,000 million volunteers.

The NASIMS portal is designed to make the Npower program a robust one, the portal will help eliminate late responses and feedback, wean irregularities and non-simultaneous payment system, ensure transparency, accountability and dispensation of the goal and objectives of the program, meaning Npower batch C Program is an Improved version of Npower batch A and B.

In regard to this, NPVN INFO NATION WIDE have urged batch C applicants who are yet to take their online test to hurry and do the needful or risk being left out of the program. See their recent tweet below,

By and large, Batch applicants who unable to login should into NASIMS PORTAL should send a complaint to the e-mail address 👉 [email protected] for upward resolution to login problems. Npower will surely give feedback regarding your problem or subsequently resolve your login problems. Wish all and sundry success, Congratulations in advance.

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