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4 Things To Consider When Buying A Replacement Charger

1. Good Quality Charger Over A Cheap One

First, always remember that cheap can become expensive very fast. If you buy a cheap charger that doesn't charge your battery fast enough or gets spoilt after a few days, you will end up spending more.

2. The Charger Connector

Depending on the range and model of your smartphone, it will be using either a MicroUSB or USB-C type ports. These two types are incompatible so be sure to make the right choice.

3. Length Of The Cable

If you usually use your phone while it is plugged in, you'll have to opt for a longer charging cable. A longer cable will also afford you the ability to find somewhere safe to keep your phone while it charges.

4. The Current It Supplies

A charger of a higher current rating often equals a faster charging process. It is usually measured in amps (A).

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