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Opinion: Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems That Should Be Used Everywhere (Photos).

Human activities have so far been made easy with the invention of mechanical instruments. Washing has been made easy with the invention of the washing machine and others.

So far, human needs is insatiable and there is need for more inventions.

Below are genius solutions to everyday human problems that should be used everywhere.

1.Pringles Table lift

The chinese pringles has a tab where you get to lift the chips so you won't have to put your hands inside the tube.

2. Pizza bag.

The pizza bag has the corners cut out so that the pizza sits flat inside the bag.

3. Hanging gas pumps.

In seoul, the gas pumps gangs from the roof, this way you get to fill your car tank from any angle. This should be invested in major cities and countries.

4. Chair with purse/Bag Notch

With this you get to put your bag strap so it won't slip off.

5. Feet buttons on elevator.

This elevator has feet buttons you can press with your feet, if your hands are full.

6. Toilet with music palter

This Japanese toilet has a privacy button which plays music so that no one can hear you use the toilet.

7. Sewing kit that comes with the needles prethreaded.

For those finding it hard to put a thread whenever they want to sew.

8. This washing machine let's you specify the stain you need to clean out of your clothes.

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