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3 Things That Slowly Kill Your Phone's Battery

1. Overheating

Heat is a big enemy to your battery. Even when you are not using it, your battery will drain much faster if it is hot. The heat steadily reduces the ability of your battery to hold a charge, thereby damaging your battery over time. Try to avoid using unapproved chargers for your phone and avoid any situation that will make it overheat both internally and externally.

2. Using Your Phone While You Are Charging It

A lot of us are guilty of doing this without knowing that it slowly kills your battery. Once you plug in your phone and start using it, the battery has to do more work to charge and power the phone at the same time. This stresses the battery and can even lead to overheating.

3. Always Recharging From 0%

A battery has a few full charge cycles before it starts deteriorating in health. It is not advisable to wait until your phone is totally dead before you bother charging it.

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