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After This Lady Bought a Phone worth 100k for a Boy She Meant Online, See What Happened Next

Love as we all know is a very deep feeling one has for the opposite sex. There are so many things that can attract someone to the next person, it could be ones looks or it could be ones character. In the past, long before the advent of technology or mobile phones, before love was established there have to be physical contact between two persons, but the difference is the case in our present dispensation as people fall in love online through the internet. 

We have seen cases where women and men begin a serious relationship through the internet which in turn led to something big.

Today I will be showing you a lady who fell in love with a guy she meant on twitter and because of the strong affection she had for this boy, she went as far as buying a phone worth hundred thousand naira but what happened after is what you really need to find out

Check what happened to this lady below:

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