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If you lost your phone, do this immediately to stop them from accessing your bank account

The truth is that one cannot be too careful and sometimes we lost what we are not meat to loose or throw away. Among them is our sim cards, sim card is now very important and well connected to us. A lot of information can be gotten from one's sim card if found by another person. Part of it is the ability to access your bank account and make withdrawal when one lost his/her sim card.

As we know, our sim card is connected to our bank account and by just dialing a ussd code, one would be able to access it. It's why we need to be very careful with the sim card. The fact remains that one can't be too careful and at anytime one may throw the sim card and one's phone away. To stop and disable the profile that links your bank account to your sim card, you are advised to dial the below codes.

Though it is not all bank codes that is available now, we would be updating us as more of the codes are being released. For now, we have about five banks with the ussd code to deactivate your profile linked to your bank account.

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