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Do These Quickly if Your Phone Drops Inside Water

Apart from very few mobile phones that are produced with water-proof devices, water has been a very big threat to mobile devices as it is capable of getting into the phone panels and spoils them. However, as dangerous as water seems to be for mobile phone, some prompt action can still save one of some problems if one's mobile phone accidentally drops into water. Consequently, This article is said to highlight so basic steps needed to be followed if one's phone accidentally drops inside water.

To start with, if one accidentally drops a mobile phone inside water, the first step to take is to quickly switch off the phone, remove the battery and drains the phone gently for some minutes.

Furthermore, the mobile phone should be exposed to fresh air as soon as the battery has been removed. However, the idea of putting mobile phone under a bright sunlight or heater is not recommended as it can cause more damage to the phone's panel.

Finally, rice has been researched to be a very good absorbent, however, dipping the phone inside raw rice would get the remaining water inside the phone evacuated. Thus, making the phone ready for use again. However, if a problem seems to pops up after taking all these steps, an engineer must be consulted immediately.

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