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55 Abbreviations We Use Every Day But May Not Know Their Meanings

In life, we learn everyday because life itself is a learning field. So long as we are alive, we learn and unlearn all through our existence on earth. Just like we may know, no one knows it all. We all learn from one another in one way or the other. Knowledge is indeed fun. In line with this, there are certain abbreviations we use everyday of our lives, that we may not know their meanings. This is a great challenge.

As we may know, no knowledge is a waste. Don't wait to be in school before you learn, we learn everywhere and everytime. Learning is part of life, they are inseparable.

In each passing day, make sure you learn something new. It goes a long way to show you are making progress in life.

Feed your eyes and brains with the meanings of the abbreviations below: If possible, write them down so you won't forget.

1) DND: "Do Not Disturb"

2) TGIF: "Thank God It's Friday"

3) SMS: "Short Message Service"

4) CEO: "Chief Executive Officer"

5) FBI: "Federal Bureau of Investigation"

6) AKA: "Also Known As"

7) DSTV: "Digital Satellite Television"

8) DNA: "DeoxyriboNucleic Acid"

9) VIP: "Very Important Person"

10) ASAP: "As Soon As Possible"

11) RSVP: "Repondez S'il Vous Plait"

12) WiFi: "Wireless Fidelity"

13) GPS: "Global Positioning System"

14) DPK: "Dual Purpose Kerosene"

15) ATM: "Automated Teller Machine"

16) MTN: "Mobile Telecommunication Network"

17) DM: "Direct Message"

18) E.g: "Exempli Gratia"

19) Google: "Global Organization of Oriented Group Language on Earth"

20) IQ: "Intelligent Quotient"

21) I.e: "Id est which means That is"

22) POS: "Point of sale"

22) NB: "Nota Bene which means Take note"

24) SMS: "Short Message Service"

25) Newspaper: "North, East, West, South Past And Present Event Reports"

26) DP: "Display Picture"

27) ETC: "Et cetera"

28) FAQ: "Frequently Asked Questions"

29) GSM: "Global System of Mobile Communication"

30) AM: "Ante Meridiem' (morning)

31) PM: "Post Meridiem" (Afternoon and evening)

32) FM: "Frequency Modulation"

33) AM: "Amplitude Magnification"

34) NIN: "National Identity Number"

35) CEO: "Chief Executive Officer"

36) ISBN: "International Standard Book Number"

37) VHF: "Very High Frequency"

38) IGR: "Internally Generated Revenue"

39) CID: "Criminal Investigation Department"

40) PhD: "Doctor of Philosophy"

41) HB Pencil: "Hard Black Pencil"

42) SIM: "Subscriber Identification Module"

43) MMS: "Multimedia Messaging Service"

44) OMG: "Oh My God"

45) USB: "Universal Serial Bus"

46) 4G Network: "4th Generation Network"

47) MB: "Mega Byte"

48) HTML: "Hypertext Makeup Language"

49) HTTPS: "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure"

50) PIN: "Personal Identification Number"

51) DOB: "Date of Birth"

52) BTW: "By The Way"

53) DIY: "Do It Yourself"

54) LOL: "Laugh Out Loud"

55) AIT: "African Independent Television"

Do well to let me know of any other abbreviations you really need to know their meanings. Let's cultivate the habit of learning, it boosts our self confidence, especially when we are called upon in public places.

Article written and credited to Channy

Photo credit: YouTube, AliExpress, ISL Collective, 7ESL

Content created and supplied by: Channy (via Opera News )


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