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Checkout 8 Of The Most Advanced Technologies In The World

The sound shirt: Specialists from a British company, "cute circus," created a technology that will help even dead people to enjoy music.

Xcelsior AV: This is an autonomous vehicle with improved computerized vision.

Slattrax: The vast majority of special purpose vehicles have one major problem, which is their heavy weight. Slattrax is a mobile road that you attach to a loader.

3D hologram printer: Paul Christie founded a company called "Litiholo," and then created a desktop printer, capable of printing actual holograms.

Phasa-35: Last year, British company, "Bae systems," tested its new pseudo satellites, which is the best in the world. The phass-35 will be able to stay in the air for up to a year.

Zoomlion Qay2000: The cranes that will see everyday on construction sites have different lifting heights. The Qay2000 was created by the Chinese company, "Zoomlion."

Trash bin cleaning system: Traditional garbage collection vehicles, which are widely used in various countries don't have the equipment to clean bins, but this is about to change very soon, as more technological advanced vehicles already exist.

Here is a trash bin cleaning system developed by the American company, "sparkling bins."

Pestad HDPE PE-80 and PE-100: The Pestad HDPE PE-80 and PE-100 are made of nontoxic polyethylene, that's safe for contact with water.

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